Yanet Garcia raises the temperature when you show your rear to your followers


The former girl of the weather, Yanet Garcia, has surprised once more to its millions of followers in your account of Instagram with one of their videos most daring until the moment, therefore presumed your large rear.

Yanet is one of the celebrities mexican account with more followers in social networks, because thanks to your participation on Today, managed to climb to his fame and placed within the most sought after.

The driver is known for sharing photos where boasts its huge rear that effort has earned, which is worthy of giving it to the world.

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On this occasion, Garcia delighted its over 13 million followers with one of his videos, more daring, wearing a tiny bathing suit as you put in the foreground their rear.

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Currently Yasmin is isolated in your beautiful apartment next to your partner, so you have not wasted the days and the passes taking the sun from your pool.

The video, with just a day to have been shared in your account of Instagram, with nearly 2 million views and thousands of comments from his followers who are enamored of her beauty.

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That envy I feel for the water”, “Always the motivation to continue so that we want to obtain”, “To barbaraaaaa”, “Bellaaaaaa”, were some of the comments.

It is worth mentioning that a few days ago the driver was criticized for his followers to do a giveaway giving money to people in need due to the crisis that we are currently living in.

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It was there where they noted that it was not appropriate that gave me money that way to make a contest, so if you really would like to help just what to do and not to get followers or likes.


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