Yanet Garcia reveals to his fans one of his insecurities


The cheerleader Yanet Garcia not only shows the daily physical attributes in the middle of workouts but also share their human side.

Through a publication accompanied by a video from two months ago said that one of her insecurities is to feel comfortable with herself without having a drop of makeup.

Revealed that at one point in his life he had a lot of acne and this led her to be a treatment for your face, in addition to changing your diet and other methods to give a positive change.

Today says she feels better than ever with your skin. He commented that he was not feeling well with herself because on some occasions I had to resort to using make-up to go to the supermarket.

“( … ) But I still like to wear make-up at certain times, but I can leave the house and feel more secure in my own skin! You can take this time during the quarantine to take care of yourself, change your eating habits and train your body to improve. Confidence is the best thing that you can use and every time I do positive things that make me feel better, improved my confidence. I’ll be sending lots of love this Easter! Thank you so much for everything,” part of what escribó the cheerleader.

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