Yanet Garcia surprises us with a powerful message on Instagram


Let us remember that, after their exit from the program Today, Yanet Garcia have focused on their personal projects, among them being a motivating fitness, which is why he surprised his followers in Instagram with a powerful message.

We can not deny that the former girl of the weather it has built a successful path as an influencer of fitness, which until today has been able to form a community of more than 13 million followers on Instagram.

And it is precisely through this platform, where we have seen Yanet Garcia shares his best tips and exercise routines to stay in shape, something that she has had a result phenomenal, as is recognized by one of the women with the best physicist in social networks.

Yanet Garcia surprises in Instagram

Although this influencer fitness always manages to surprise its followers in Instagram through your photos and videos more sensual, this time it was not his body or his rear which caused so much fuss, but a powerful message of motivation.

“Remember… if it was easy, everybody would do it,” was the message that Yanet Garcia she shared alongside a photo of her wearing a sweat suit in pink color. A publication that in just a couple of hours has managed to attract more than 5,000 thousand likes.

Of girl with the weather influencer fitness

There is No doubt that Yanet Garcia it has been placed as one of the most popular figures of the world of fitness, because every day is praised by millions of users who not only demonstrate his admiration for the former girl of the weather, but have made it clear that she has been his motivation to lead a healthy life.

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It should be mentioned that among his projects is the famous application “Fit Plan”, which has been promoted on several occasions in their social networks. We have also seen engaging in some sections to the program Today, production of Televisa, who brought her to fame.