Yanet Garcia turns on the networks in a sensual pose and tiny thong


Yanet Garcia it is considered one of the most sensual women of Mexico, as no doubt flaunt your excellent figure among his followers.

Known as the “Girl from the weather“it is a women fitness center which takes care of your figure and as well demonstrated in their social networks. Your Instagram already exceeds the 13 million followers, and loses no time to the delight of all those who follow it.

This time, cheered their fans with a video where he is seen with a tanguita exposing his rear. Such was the impact of the image until the actress Angelique Boyer reacted.

“Amazing,” wrote the star of Televisa.

The partner of Garcia, Lewis Howesalso added a comment saying, “I can’t wait to get home”.

During the quarantine had already been tendency by a video in which he squats skipped, but the lycra that you used, that left nothing to the imagination, made the reproductions to surpass the million.

Your secret

She demonstrates that the quarantine is not an excuse to not exercise and continue to strengthen your body, regardless of that the gym is closed.

Well or showed in a video Instagram, where he shared his routine for turning the arms and back from home. It only requires a bottle of water, as well as a league of resistance.

In the video Instagram she explains the following:

  • You must make at least three sets of each exercise.
  • The first and second exercise requires 20 repetitions per arm.
  • The third and fourth movement should be 30 repetitions.
  • The movements must be controlled.
  • You can use a resistance band or a water bottle on the size that you consider appropriate.