Yanet Garcia will make his debut in the film as an angel seductive


Although by the end of 2019 Yanet Garcia said goodbye to the mexican television to take a year away from the spotlight, their millions of fans will still be able to appreciate it through their social networks, and a movie that was filmed in Spain and released mid-year.

Also a model and girl of the climate, spoke with EL UNIVERSAL and pointed out that want to be away from the screen is 2020 because you want to prepare more in the action and in perfecting their English, as their future goals are increasingly large.

“I’m happy with what we get in “Today” and I’m grateful with the production and with all that has left me, but now I want to continue preparing myself, because before entering “Today” I was studying English-and I had to leave by the time I did not. I want to continue taking acting classes because I want to keep trying to prove that in other areas,” he said.

While that happens in July premiere “Bellezonismo”, Spanish film starring and in the that gives life to an angel, sensual and seductive. This is the first foray of Yanet in the field of acting.

“It is something new for me, I think that every new thing I have always wanted to be the best, and so my interest will continue to be in acting classes. I’ve always been a woman of challenges that what is proposed meets and for that you have to study a lot, to have what is necessary when the opportunities arrive. You have to have a preparation for everything that we undertake that’s always what I’ve done in my life and what I’ve done in every new things that I undertake,” he said.

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Despite the fact that their fans don’t see on television, all those who wish to follow in their footsteps and aspire to the “life fitness”, Yasmin is part of an application where step-by-step, the regiomontana explains the exercises that you should follow to get your body.

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“I’m on the app Fit Planwhich have people super important in the world of fitness and it gives me great pride to have thought of me for that part of your team, and help people who want to live a healthier life and you see that if you can, as long as you have dedication and discipline,” he added.