Yanina Latorre decides to talk about health issues that led her to leave LAM: ‘I can’t take the pain anymore’

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Yanina Latorre got everyone worried Wednesday night when she kept LAM on air after she struggled throughout the show.

After the cut, Angel De Brito found himself out of position, explaining: “He’s kind of decompensated, blood pressure drops That’s why his chair is free. He has had stomach problems for several days and during the cutting, he felt terrible. Pepe (Ochoa) took her home, but she was fine. “

Faced with this matter, on Thursday, the driver took the opportunity to ask him about it: “Yani, you had a breakdown in the air yesterday, and you already felt unwell in the afternoon, right?” Yanina Latorre (Yanina Latorre) Explaining this: “i think i’m poisoned…i have sinusitis, you see, since I developed semi-chronic ear last year, every time I get a cold, it goes into my ear. So I’ve been on the same drug since last year, They’re strong, I don’t have a stomach protector“.

“Yesterday I went to a restaurant in Palermo for lunch and I had a salmon I don’t think I like him…I feel heavy on the radio this afternoon. Did you see that I had coffee with you before the show? I want you to know that that cup of coffee killed me.I can see I’m already bad’, the panelists shared.

Soon, Angel joked: “Then I killed you?” Yanina said: “I think you did it on purpose.” Then, he went on to explain: “As you can see, it’s loaded, and when you have an upset stomach, coffee can kill you. I came on the channel here and I felt bad, I put on makeup and the girls gave me a Buscapina”.

The first hour or so was fine, then all of a sudden I was silent and speechless, I felt weird, and then I’m starting to feel like I’m dying.I said ‘I’ll stick with it’ and then I’m like a dog, I’m gonna take the stress out of pain.I couldn’t take it anymore in the clip, Pepe took me home’, the panelists shared.

At that moment, Angel remembered “you can’t get up from the chair”, and Janine said: “I want to pass out, I can’t take the pain anymore. It’s like a big poisoning. I slept all day today“. The driver concluded without hesitation that “drunkenness kills”.

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