Yanina Latorre leaves LAM: why

On Thursday, the little angel gave a detailed account of what happened. “I think I’m poisoned. I came in with sinusitis. After having ear problems last year, every time I got a cold it would go in my ears and I’d start taking strong medication,” he began explaining.

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Yanina Latorre recounts how a famous woman’s ex threw a dog at her

Yanina Latorre tells the whole truth about his unexpected departure

Yanina Latorre tells the whole truth about her unexpected departure.

He continued: “Yesterday I went to a restaurant in Palermo for lunch and I had salmon, but I didn’t like it. Got me. The weather is already bad and coffee kills you when you have a bad stomach”.

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Finally, the wife Diego Latorre He reveals why he gave up: “I arrived on the channel feeling terrible, I put on makeup and the girls gave me a buscopan. It was fine for the first hour or so of the show, and all of a sudden I just fell silent and couldn’t speak, It was weird to me. I started feeling like I was dying and my blood pressure seemed to be dropping but only because of the pain. I couldn’t stand it in the clip Pepe (Ochoa) take me Home. I can’t get over the pain. I don’t have gastroenteritis, or diarrhea, nothing. It’s like a big poisoning. “

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