Yazmín Morales weeps as she recounts her first emergency in Guatemala

Yazmin Morales steps down in Costa Rica.polite

Yazmin Morales is not having a good time in Guatemala as she received the first emergency call in the country on Thursday afternoon, a situation she spoke with tears in her eyes.

The former Miss Costa Rica said on Instagram that her 14-year-old dog Papi has fallen ill and is currently hospitalized, which makes her very sad because she doesn’t know what to expect.

Morales lived in Guatemala for a month. He sold everything in Costa Rica and headed to the Chapin countryside with his two dogs, Apollo and Papi, to start a new life.

According to Yazmin, Papi started vomiting around 4:30 pm on Thursday. The furry boy vomited about seven times in two hours, making him very sick, she said.

The worst part was that she didn’t know what to do because it was Guatemala’s national day and the country’s capital had collapsed, and the only thing she could think of was to call the veterinarian in Costa Rica and ask him what was wrong. doing.

Yaz mentioned that the vet warned her that due to Papi’s age and condition, changing countries would be drastic for him as he suffers from urinary incontinence due to his age.

Yazmin Morales

“He had been doing well this month, eating well, very well, but then he started vomiting and had three days’ worth of food thrown up,” Yaz said.

After a phone call with the veterinarian, he bought a serum for the little animal, but luckily when he was walking in the supermarket, he met a girl who always went to the place where he lived every time he took his dog for a walk. Met her in the tower. Asked her about the veterinarians in that country.

The Guatemalan woman took her to see one of the professionals, who recommended that the puppy be hospitalized for treatment.

“The puppy had gotten to the point where he could only vomit water. The doctor examined him but told me he couldn’t give me a diagnosis because due to his age it was possible he had kidney problems, or simple gastritis, or was a bigger problem; because he was 14 years old and hospitalized. “It all happened in the blink of an eye,” Morales said. “

Yazmin Morales

Yaz was very sad because she didn’t know what was going to happen, and because Papi was in the hospital, she was very nervous and shaking. In light of this, his “mom” left him a piece of her clothing so that the furry boy could smell her scent nearby and feel calm.

“It’s very difficult because people have to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for what could happen, what can happen when a dog is 14 years old. I didn’t want to leave him (in hospital) but the doctor was right, he Had to go because if he kept vomiting he was going to get worse and we had to do tests and stuff and honestly my expectations were what they had to live up to,” he said. Yaz.

Yazmin Morales talks about the emergency she experienced in Guatemala

From Lathar we send a big hug to the beautiful former beauty queen and wish her puppy a speedy recovery and return to her arms.

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