Yeay! NASA Successfully Growing lettuce in space, which is supposedly More Nutritious


VIVA To grow up – Astronaut aviation and space Agency (NASA) managed by the United States, salad in the world space. According to the report, a salad even more nutritious, it is claimed, to be sure, the planted with lettuce in the earth.

Lettuce, grown in space, which have the same composition, with the sample on the earth. Some of the plants are rich in a number of elements, including potassium, sodium and zinc.

This experiment was conducted by planting lettuce seeds in the closed unit, floor-ceramic, under red LED lighting during the 33-56 days.

“I think the plant is very important for you in the future. If you reduce the save food packaging for a long time, the quality, taste and nutritional value, vitamin reduces. We can’t guarantee that the mark will get the quotes enough nutrients, this time,” said Gio mass, which leads to the project of planting lettuce NASA, RegardlessOn Monday, 9. March 2020.

NASA scientists have weighed the salad in the same neighborhood and was shocked to find out how to grow the space of the cells with nutrients.

Even though salad has a bacteria level is high, the plant was not found to contain harmful bacteria such as E. coli or Salmonella.

After the mass, because such findings, the researchers now have the seeds of cabbage and cabbage to the International Space Station (ISS) to send, to see if you achieved the same results.

“If we eat through the delivery of missiles to the regularly from the earth,” he said. If, however, the resumption of the mission in the longer time, the nutrients in the food is finally broken.

It is believed that the success of growing food in space could be very important to the mission of the inter-stellar long-term, as the first mission of the NASA to the planet Mars, which is scheduled to leave in the next ten years.