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Three-year-olds are very susceptible to infections from different types of microorganisms, whether viral or bacterial. These conditions can be prevented through vaccination.
The previous premise concludes in one paragraph an interview conducted with Vanessa Correa, a physician and epidemiologist, who she invited to celebrate today Take care of them before seniors day.

Older adults with cardiovascular comorbidities deserve more attention, she said, who is pursuing a master’s degree in epidemiology. Expert reply:

– Which vaccines are indispensable?

Ideally, they should have a complete plan for covid-19 and should be vaccinated against the flu every year. This is the basic condition for the protection of our elderly.

Vaccines against pneumococcus (two doses) booster every five years are also important. It must be understood that this last microbe is the leading cause of pneumonia in all ages.

– What other compounds could be protective?

Other vaccines already depend on the patient’s specific comorbidities. In immunosuppressed patients, in patients with cancer, certain rheumatic diseases and even HIV/AIDS, the regimen is increased, changed.

If you are not previously immune, international guidelines recommend vaccinations against hepatitis B and A; in addition to biologic therapy against the triple virus (which should not be given if over 65).

A once-in-a-lifetime compound for tetanus toxoid and diphtheria (two-in-one), meningococcal and yellow fever (before age 65) is also recommended.
For people over the age of 50, medication against varicella zoster is recommended. At this stage of life, they tend to have more infections. Symptoms after this condition can be very difficult to control, such as a very severe headache.

– Does not vaccinating at this stage of life bring death closer?

Yes. They provide critical immunity at this stage of life and prevent complications that lead to death. We have recently been through the covid-19 pandemic and difficult times such as the H1N1 flu.

– What else can they take care of?

They should avoid enclosed spaces and wear a mask if it is their turn. They should also use it for medical services. This item should not be negotiable.

It must be taken into account that children are often carriers of microorganisms that can infect older people. Therefore, minors should not visit their grandparents when they are sick.

– Do older people need medical care more often?

Patients admitted to the emergency department are usually older adults with infectious diseases. This has a big impact on the economy of the country’s health system.

Remember that vaccines don’t prevent disease, but they can prevent more severe illness and admission to an intensive care unit (ICU).

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Dr Vanessa Correa said caregivers of the elderly were asked to follow the controls of their guardians, and with that came: vaccines, tests, surgeries.

These companions “must also be very careful about using masks and washing their hands when they are sick,” the expert said.

do not forget
In Colombia, since 1990, Older Persons Day is observed on the last Sunday in August.

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