Yes, cooks! It’s the season of consecration

The second season of The Bear is hectic, lively, full of heart and confirms that the dramedy with Jeremy Allen White is indeed one of the best series: our review.

Here are a few lessons that will remain with you after watching second season From Bear. First, the secret to the perfect omelet is potato chips. Two: every second counts. In the kitchen, but above all in life. Dramedia with Jeremy Allen White as a chef who has to rebuild a restaurant and his life returns after his brother’s death Disney+ with 10 incredible new episodes that are gems in their own right. Looking at them, we laugh, cry, move from light to shadow and from calm to anxiety: It’s hard to believe that this year we’ll see something better on TV..

Bear: Season 2, more relaxed and character-driven.

In season one, Carmen “Carmi” Barzatto (Jeremy Allen White), one of New York City’s most promising young chefs, has returned to Chicago to rebuild the family’s The Original Beef of Chicagoland sandwich shop. Trying to manage rebellious staff and a failing restaurant with sous chef Sidney (Ayo Edebiri), Carmi understood that the only way to restart was to start from scratch. In season 2, we see him trying to turn a rundown Italian family diner into a potentially stellar restaurant. Myself the first season gave us a roller coaster between the stove and the restless soul of Carmi, the second slows down the pace and accompanies us week after week to the opening of the new Bear restaurant (the weekly release of episodes in the United States was certainly more story-driven than the binge mode offered by Disney+, where all 10 new episodes were immediately available we advise you to breathe between seriesand also to prevent the inevitable bouts of hunger).

Bear 2

It’s not that season 2 wasn’t lacking in madness. Especially from the final episode with one of the usual textbook shots of creator/director Christopher Storer, it takes your breath away. But it’s obvious desire to go beyond the walls of the kitchen and talk about the different sides of the characters. Starting with Marcus, the pastry chef played by Lionel Boyessent by Carmy to Copenhagen to develop three new desserts for the menu. But RichieEbon Moss-Bacharach), Carmi’s short-tempered cousin who, in one of the season’s most touching episodes (episode 7), learns discipline and realizes what he really wants to be, one Taylor Swift song at a time.

The guest star already smells like an Emmy

This deserves special mention. episode 6a choral flashback that takes us back in time and introduces us to the dysfunctional Berzatto family during a chaotic Christmas dinner: the matriarch Donna, played by Jamie Lee Curtisuncle lee who Bob OdenkirkMichelle’s cousin, played by Sarah Paulson and his companion, to whom he lends his face John Mulaney and ex-wife Richie Tiffany, played by Gillian Jacobs. Their performances are amazing and this is the typical episode that could earn someone an Emmy Award for Best Guest Star. Indeed, such an impression Bear is already considered a hit, a series whose fame is destined to last and in which Hollywood competes for the right to be there (among other guest stars of the season, we recall, there are Will Poulter, Sara Ramos AND Olivia Colman).

Bear 2

Bear Review: A Life Lesson Without Even Being a Chef

You don’t have to be a chef to find your part in the emotional challenges of Carmi, Sydney, Richie, Tina, Marcus and company. Bearas he already did in the first season, in the second chapter he confirms that cooking is just like sports – and in fact Sidney draws inspiration from the lessons of the basketball coach, Coach K. – maybe metaphors of life. You fall, you get up, you play as a team, you reach the finish line at the last second. And win or lose. Or win and lose together, because there’s a long line in Chef Carmi’s kitchen. Especially in the ending, which adds bittersweet note to the stories of all the main characters, but it’s also one of the most elegant, mature, and enjoyable epilogues to have aired on television recently. Long live then Bearat least until he reveals the recipe for Berzatto’s family dish, Seven Fishes.

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