“Yes, I want crown”: in the Netherlands they sell a kit to get Covid-19

Under the slogan “yes, I want a crown”, in the Netherlands a kit was marketed for “catch” from Covid-19. After the local authorities became aware of this situation, the website that sold them stopped working. It could be purchased at 33.50 euros and was sent home, with a delay of between three and five days.

In the middle of the alert issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the resurgence of the pandemic on Europe, which could lead to the death of 700,000 people by March, a kit that was sold in the Netherlands generated a strong outrage.

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It’s about a product to “self-infect” Covid-19 that it was destined, mainly, to the followers of the anti-vaccine movements, according to international media. They also pointed out that this kit was used by the same group as a method of generating income.

What was the Covid-19 “self-contagion” kit like?

In the midst of a sharp increase in cases and after several days where many citizens mobilized through the streets to complain about the restrictions that prevent the unvaccinated from entering bars, restaurants and other activities, the authorities of the Netherlands had to face another challenge: Covid-19 self-contagion kits.

The coronavirus kit that was marketed in the Netherlands (Photo: @__investigate__)
The coronavirus kit that was marketed in the Netherlands (Photo: @__investigate__)

Although currently the site that sold this product is no longer in operation, some Internet users shared images where it can be seen that consisted of a small transparent bottle, with fluid presumably infected with SARS-CoV-2, which was accompanied by a antigen test, to corroborate the contagion.

In the indications for its use, the kit stated that should be ingested (a maximum of 0.2 milliliters) in a glass of water at less than 40 ° C. After taking it, it was due keep in the mouth for a few seconds and finally swallow it.

As they explained, if the “contagion was successful” the symptoms would appear between two and 14 days after ingestion. The antigen test had to be used in the days following its use.

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Now, if the infection did not take place, the developers claimed that could be used a second crown kit”, For which they advised to complete and send a form that would allow them to acquire the second at a “lower price”.

In addition, in the indications for use, its creators recommended that if they had “symptoms”, they had to stay in their homes and comply with the sanitary recommendations.

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