Yisus DíAZ: He Responds to Those Who Criticize That He Is the Winner of ‘Look Who Baila All Stars’

Chef Yisus Díaz.

As we tell the chef Yisus Diazhe was lifted last night with the much-coveted first place in ‘Mira Quién Baila All Stars’ 2021. Within hours of that, we spoke exclusively with the chef of ‘Despierta América’ who bravely responds to those who criticize that he is the winner.

He had promised it to his mother, who passed away shortly before the start of the Univision dance competition, she wanted to see him dance and win and she delivered. At hours of that great night, Yisus confessed to us and talked about everything: the competition, his growth, the criticism, the comments on social networks, and even the kiss that he almost gave with his dancer in the last dance!!


-What do you feel a day after winning?
Yisus Díaz: It was something totally dedicated to my mother, and I think that having learned so much in this process has a lot to do with that, that motivation, that inspiration, it is a combination of happiness with achievements, I feel very good.

-How was that moment when the presenters said: “The winner is Chef Yisus”?
Yisus Díaz: I had never experienced, from how little I remember that moment, is that I was there tightly and tightly with Aleyda, we were both there as a finalist and I asked her: “What do you do at this moment? ? ” because she had already gone through this in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’, had been in the Miss Puerto Rico pageant … They are very crazy nerves, it is how it stretches, one knows that it is like 5 minutes or maximum 2 minutes between They wait, between opening the envelope, that takes forever, but when they already say your name it’s like, wow it’s incredible… Every time you get closer to the final, I can’t tell you that you can’t imagine, that you dream of winning everything, but even when you hear your name it’s a very special feeling.


-What was the first thing you thought, at that moment?
Yisus Díaz: In my mother, I always felt her very close, always, and to achieve it, that I know that she loved him and that I loved him so much, it was like we “won”… I thought of her and felt that we celebrated together.

-This debut was something different for you, it was a roller coaster of emotions, because since they tell you that you are going to dance, it becomes your mother’s dream, in addition to your dream, then she falls ill, in an unexpected way pass away and all that joy turned into something else, what did it become and how did you do it?
Yisus Díaz: It becomes a therapy, it becomes a way to fill a void, and I think that is what makes it so special at all times, it was a way of draining, of turning like a tortilla, it was a way to change something so painful that it was happening to something of great happiness… From the moment they invite me to tell my mother who was still alive, one sees it as an opportunity to grow, for other people to see you, an opportunity for you to show yourself in a different way outside of the kitchen. But then what happens with my mother and I feel that support, that I feel all that company of all those beautiful people that I wrap myself around. It was magical because it was also a way to please my mom and to show my close family, let’s say my brothers and my dad that there was a way to heal that pain, if there was a way to feel not so bad, doing something that it kept you active.


-You always talked about your mother accompanying you on the track, did you really feel her presence?
Yisus Díaz: I always, always felt it … I did not have the opportunity to dance with my mother in life, due to the difference in ages, because I came to the United States as a teenager, because our opportunities at family parties were shortened, for many reasons. Maybe even for being an introvert and not being such a dancer since I was a child since I was a teenager, but having the opportunity to do it now and feeling it so close, and enjoying it was wonderful.

-There was an evolution in you, the first dance you lacked how to let go, suddenly we saw you moving your shoulders and waist, and in the last gala, you were almost kissing your partner!
Yisus Díaz: You let go, you gain much more confidence with the team, you feel like that connection, that chemistry and even though they are different dancers, on many occasions with some you dance more than others, seeing them for so many hours, so often in those days, and that gives you the confidence that you will develop … I had to show how much I was criticized in the season and among that was the performance, how to personify the dance more and well we left with everything, we left with everything you need. If it was a sexy dance then it had to be made sexy, if it was an imposing and strong dance then it had to be done too, and on things that occur like in acting, dance requires a lot of that, for it to sit down, for it to people really understand it, so well it was part of that rumba and it happened.

– Was it something planned or did it arise at the time?
Yisus Díaz: It arose at the time because always in rehearsals, even with a mask, there were frictions, closeness and when finally one last step of what was the choreography, and that final dance and without a mask, well obviously one realizes that It is close enough and there are those frictions, but it was not so planned, it was always part of the choreography, it happened at the moment, in which it had to happen.

-What happened at home?
Yisus Díaz: Nothing because even Juliana, my wife, had already seen the rehearsals and knew that they were very sexy dances, I knew that it was a dance that was quite exposed to acting, there was no problem, rather there was pride and joy that it happened how it had to be given.

-Sometimes people in the networks are very harsh, very critical and many said that you were a favorite, that you were already fingered to win, that you did not dance so much, how did that affect you, did it bother you, it hurts, do you think? unfair?
Yisus Díaz: Obviously, some comments will hit one, but I was prepared for that … I know that reality shows are like that, in fact, this one I think is one of the least strong, if you compare it with ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ or with something a little ruder, where there is more competition, in this case for having been all the participants of the chain, knowing each other quite a lot, there was incredible support, and what we did was rather understand each other more, get to know each other more, we knew that we all had something outside of the dance, that dancing is not our thing, we had our family, our work … It was very physically demanding, everything that came after that between comments on social networks and those external things did not affect us because we were already very solid, let’s say in the competition and we knew that would come.

-Are you proud of yourself?
Yisus Díaz: A lot, if this competition gave me something, it is having been able to win it, it is like an injection of pride, an injection of self-esteem, an injection of knowing that anything can be learned.

-You won, you know how to dance, we watch you cook, now what’s next?
Yisus Díaz: I’m also happy because by finishing ‘Mira Quien Baila’ we are starting to record a national campaign as a fairly large brand.

-About what?
Yisus Díaz: It is a drink always hooked on cooking, it is for a year, it is something that had not been given to me, but I think it is also a product of this exhibition, of various things, of the work that has been done, that is what that is coming and we hope it is the beginning of several things like that, that we can go nationally to show a little of the work, of the work that we do both in the show, as well as the one we do at home on social networks.



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