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Ukraine will need Western weapons until war is won, minister tells AFP

Ukraine’s foreign affairs chief Dmitro Kuleba said Ukraine would need more weapons from its Western allies until Ukraine successfully defeated Russian forces and drove them from Ukrainian territory. He also assured that Ukraine would seek to counter Moscow’s influence in Africa. If we win, we will need more (weapons), and we must move on, because war is a reality, and within that reality, we must win. There is no other solution,” the minister insisted in an interview with AFP. The Ukrainian official stressed, “If our partners ask us to guarantee that this or that weapon will only be used on Ukrainian territory, we will give that guarantee and respect it.” it. He emphasized. For two months, the Ukrainian army has been seeking to liberate the entire territory. “Our goal is victory, in the form of the liberation of territories within the 1991 borders,” he said in the interview. No matter how long it takes ,” he added. The 1991 borders are those of post-Soviet, independent Ukraine, which includes Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014. Ukraine launched a counteroffensive in early June that made it possible to retake the small town, but has had many difficulties breaking through Russia’s fortified defenses. Military and civilian losses in Ukraine are estimated to exceed 100,000 dead and injured since the Russian invasion began in February 2022. The minister acknowledged that Western countries “paid the highest price” for the conflict. “But as long as the Ukrainian people have this goal, the Ukrainian government will go hand in hand with the Ukrainian people.” He added, “We are all tired.” . I am tired and so are you”, but he said, “the stakes are high and fatigue cannot be allowed to dictate the nature of our decisions”. – Freeing Africa from Russian “domination” – Ukrainian foreign chief stresses Russia is trying Restore relations with Africa, where Moscow’s influence is growing. “It has been lost for many years, but we will promote the revival of Ukraine with Africa to restore these relations. “The continent needs long-term, systematic work,” he said. Kouleba has visited Africa three times since the Russian offensive, trying to drum up support for Moscow. A delegation of African heads of state visited Kiev in June to offer mediation – rejected by Ukraine – before heading to Moscow. While “most African countries” continue to display “neutrality” in the face of conflict, “Russia’s position in Africa is slowly eroding,” the minister said, adding that Kiev’s new partners on the continent include Liberia, Kenya, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Mozambique, Rwanda and Equatorial Guinea. He added: “Our strategy is not to replace Russia, but to liberate Africa from its domination.” The Kremlin uses “coercion, corruption and fear” to keep African countries in its hands, while insisting that Moscow only Two powerful tools to do their work: propaganda and (paramilitary) Wagner”. Russia has committed numerous abuses with African countries such as Mali and the Central African Republic, according to human rights groups and Western governments. Cooleba also called Moscow’s concerns about food security in Africa a “lie.” All the stories about how he cares about African countries are lies.” He added: “Ukrainian farmers and African bread consumers paid the highest price (for the withdrawal of troops from Moscow).” Poorest country. The Russian president then pledged to provide free grain to six African countries. ant-epe/fal/mis-es/mis

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