Yolanda Andrade’s colleagues concerned about their health again

Colleagues who are engaged to Yolanda Andrade worry about her because they haven’t met her (Getty Images)

Yolanda Andrade again Worry Confidential to some of her colleagues because they don’t know what happened to her or if she is okay because she didn’t attend the event to which she was invited and confirmed to be present.

During a brief meeting with the media, Alberto Starr to indicate that they are ready to present maidsa stage play at the El Círculo Teatral; however, did not arrive.

Although they wanted to wait for her, since they lost touch With her, they decided to go ahead with the plan they had prepared.

The actress was on XEW to tap “Motse & Joe,” but has yet to fulfill her other commitments (Instagram / @motseyjoetv)

“We were waiting for Yolanda, but he may have had misfortuneso we can’t find her right now, so… I hope she arrives later, but we don’t know”

Estrela stressed that they did not know where the presenter was montes and joe This worries them because they have agreed to go to the theater at a certain time.

The actor mentions that Yolanda will be godmother He had contacted her to share an image of the poster, to which she responded “thank you”, but they were no longer in touch.

The last time Andrade updated on his health, he mentioned that he was feeling better (screenshot/YouTube)

Likewise, Alberto said that he met Andrade a few days ago because he went to montes and joehe thinks she is very lively and in good health, so he hopes that if she is absent due to health problems, it will not be too serious.

I see her fine, I see her livelyShe also said she was coming and she was excited, so I hope it’s another mishap and not a health issue. “

Yolanda Andrade hasn’t shared content on her social networks since sharing a preview of the show on the morning of Aug. 15 montes and joe this week. The presenter’s sister, Marilé, has been with her for treatment, but she has not made her profile public either.

Yolanda’s health remains a concern as she thought she was going to die at the time (Instagram / @yolandaamor)

On the evening of August 15th, Yolanda did not appear in the theater, nor did the reporters who attended the press conference of the play see her appear.

This is not the first time the protagonist secret intention Concerned for her health a few weeks ago, Marilé shared a video of Yolanda after undergoing abdominal injections.

The presenter was not wearing a blindfold, in which she had Aneurysm Nor was she wearing sunglasses, so for the first time since her diagnosis she was able to see her full face, which was surprising in her appearance.

Yolanda Andrade still receiving treatment for eye aneurysm

his right cheek is depraved and even inflamed Because of the aneurysm, he could barely keep his eyes open and his expression was always pained.

This prompted comments from dozens of netizens, saying it looked like “emaciated”They even suspected that it was really her.

Notably, Yolanda was hospitalized with vomiting in April Blood and have a severe headache. As she said, doctors were unable to diagnose her because of her complicated health conditions, but they told her a week later that she had an aneurysm near her eye that was causing her headaches.

On the other hand, bleeding is due to gastritis The condition was serious and he was treated in the hospital.

To this day, Andrade is still undergoing treatment and must wear an eye patch and glasses to protect him from the light, as his eyes are very sensitive to any irritation.

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