Yorgos Lanthimos on Emma Stone’s sex scenes in ‘Poor Creatures’: ‘It was important that the film wasn’t modest’

Yorgos Lanthimos
Yorgos Lanthimos on the red carpet of Venice 80 – Photo by Luigi De Pompeis © Cinefilos.it

At a press conference to present poor creatures (read the review) at the Venice Biennale-80 International Film Festival, director Yorgos Lanthimos he said he really wanted it Emma Stone was at the Lido to talk, among other things, about the fact that Bella Baxter, the character she plays, has a lot of sex scenes in the film.

“It’s a pity Emma can’t be here to talk more about this,” the director said. “Firstly, sex is an integral part of the character of the novel itself, its freedom in everything, including sexuality (…) Secondly, it was very important for me not to make the film hypocritical, because it would be like completely betraying the protagonist” he continued. “We had to make sure that Emma should not be ashamed of her body, of her nakedness, of participating in these scenes, and she immediately understood this.”

“The great thing about me and Emma is that we made four films together; there is a shortcut and we can communicate without having to explain a lot or talk about things,” Lanthimos continued his explanation. “As soon as I started to say something about these scenes, she was like, “Yes, of course, this is Bella. We will do what we must.”

Based on the novel of the same name alasdair Grey, poor creatures this is a frankenstein inspired story and you see Emma Stone in the form of a young woman who was brought back to life by a scientist (Willem Dafoe), which implants the brain of her unborn child. They are also in the movie. Mark Ruffalo, Rami Yousef AND Jerrod Carmichael. The film will be released in cinemas in Italy on January 25, 2024.

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