you are in intensive care and regret not having been vaccinated


A 70-year-old Catalan who is recovering in intensive care at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona after contracting coronavirus, now admits to being sorry for not having been vaccinated against Covid-19 from the beginning, a decision that almost cost him his life.

“It’s absurd. I didn’t want to get vaccinated because my social life had been greatly reduced and at first I did think that others should get vaccinated. But it’s a mistake,” said Albert Pérez Novell in a video that lasts less than a minute and medium.

“Seeing a young and strong person who leaves after eight days intubated without reacting. It could have been me,” reflected the man who is recovering after contracting Covid pneumonia.
The patient acknowledged that “there are no words to say what a denier is right now.”

“It is intolerable to relate the debate on personal freedom to the debate on health, and that is what some interested parties are doing for illegitimate interests, to sell books and do I don’t know what. Now it is a vaccine, a vaccine or a vaccine, whether you are 20 or 70. I have had to learn it in the worst way possible,” he concluded.

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