“You are useless …”: Malika Menard faced with very violent criticism, she makes a point


Since last December 29, Malika Menard has been the target of violent criticism. A difficult situation for the young woman, who therefore decided to explain herself on her Instagram account.

On December 29, the former Miss France participated in Tous en cuisine, the program presented by Cyril Lignac which began during the first confinement. Having become a real tradition for the French, M6 has decided to put it back on the screen for the end of the year celebrations. If several guests have already surprised or made a hit with viewers, others, on the contrary, have been strongly criticized.

This is the case of Malika Menard who, present to cook live with the French on December 29, finally found herself faced with many insults. That evening, the young woman had decided to introduce Christophe, her new companion, to viewers. But the latter was especially keen to point out that the former 33-year-old Miss was a bit strange. And for good reason, very touched by the many messages she received on social networks, Malika Menard decided on January 4 to explain herself through her Instagram account.

Thus, in the story, she reveals the reasons for her behavior “not normal”, ” For personal reasons, I was not at my best last Tuesday, during the filming of Tous en cuisine. I am not writing here. to detail these reasons but to follow up on the articles or messages that I received. I was not focused enough, a little lost, and perhaps uncomfortable. It is like that. I do not know how to do pretend. If something bothers me, I have a hard time covering it up. “. A clear explanation, which she insisted on supporting with a message from an Internet user that she received recently, ” Excuse me, but… What you showed on Tous en cuisine. ask yourself questions !! You are useless … From my point of view “.

A message that greatly marked the young woman, ” I am sorry for those whose performance has disappointed. I do not know how to cheat and make-believe that things are going great when they are not. Does it deserve it? to receive so much hatred? What contribution to the one who pours it? For the one who receives it? Here is the violent setback of the social networks “. Hoping that the criticisms will be less virulent next time!