You can now pre-order Weird Barbie from the movie

When leaving the cinema after watching Barbiesome viewers realized they needed two copies merchandising based on the movie: sweatshirt “K-enough” was worn by actor Ryan Gosling in scantily clad Ken, and Weird Barbie which reproduces the character played by Kate McKinnon. On the weekend Mattel, manufacturer of dolls that appear in the flesh in the film directed by Greta Gerwig, ha announced via Instagram staging Barbie Weird, a kind of mentor to the protagonist and at the same time a liminal figure of a slightly crazy outsider. What quickly became the movie’s favorite character is now Barbie, whom the site Mattel has pre-orders until August 18th.A: Each item will be made to order and will ship by May 31, 2024.

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Time to get weird!— reads the post on Instagram. “Inspired by her @BarbieTheMovie look, Weird #Barbie knows what it’s like to play too much.” The company wrote in the post’s caption, which features four images of the toy that mimic McKinnon’s poses shown in the film. With her felt-tip pen face, messy hair and articulated limbs for the most bizarre poses, Barbie promises to be a must-have collector. Instead, they are already available on the website for the collection line. Mattel Creations Sima Liu-like Ken dolls and Issa Rae-like Barbie President dolls, as well as Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie characters, Barbie Mega House, Pink Corvette and Barbie tutus in various costumes.

However, for now, the most coveted object released from the film remains the aforementioned sweatshirts inspired by Ken’s motto “I s-enough”. There 80s sweatshirt in fluorescent colors, ordered from the end of July for a “modest” amount of 67 euros, came in sizes up to XXXL and already sold out.

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