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A father’s love for his daughter in a photo posted by Seal on Instagram. A frame in which he appears next to Leni, the daughter of former partner Heidi Klum from Flavio Briatore, raised by the singer and officially adopted in 2009.

This photo posted by a user shows the love of a father for his daughter. Seal on Instagram a few hours ago. In the photo, the British singer hugs Leni Klumformer partner’s daughter Heidi Klum had in 2004 from Flavio Briatore. It was Seal who, by mutual agreement with an Italian entrepreneur, the biological father of a 19-year-old girl, raised her and then officially adopted her in 2009. The bond between Seal and his daughter Leni never broke even when the relationship with the super top model ended. And it is Seal’s signature that he chooses for the photo to clarify that Leni will always remain his daughter, one of the most important women in his life.

Seal of Leni Klum’s daughter: “I love you.” Dad”

In New York, together with 19-year-old Leni, who returned from a vacation in Italy, during which she met and hugged her biological brother Nathan Falco Briatore, the British singer took a photo that he shared on his Instagram profile. “In New York with a young woman who changed my life for the better 19 years ago. Thank you Leni for making me a better person. I love you dad“- wrote the artist with an expression of pride, mixed with a very strong affection. The words that young Leni echoed, confirming her feelings for her father: “I love you dad“.

Leni Klum is the biological daughter of Flavio Briatore, adopted by Sil.

Leni was born on May 4, 2004 from businessman Flavio Briatore and top model Heidi Klum. The connection between them cracked, and then fell apart right during the pregnancy of the model. After the baby was born, Briatore decided not to officially recognize her, leaving the Force, who in the meantime became Heidi’s partner, to take care of her growth. Klum and Seal got married in May 2005, just one year apart. Lena’s birth. Thus, the singer is present in the life of a young woman from the very first days. The official adoption took place in December 2009. In addition to Leni, the couple had three more children: Henry (2005), Johan (2006) and Lou (2009). Today, the German model is linked to Tom Kaulitz, Tokio Hotel guitarist, married in 2019.

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