You check your phone, Apple and Google follow App-Associated Corona-Virus in App Store and Play Store


SPIRIT – Apple and Google have begun to crack down on the application in connection with the spread of the outbreak of the corona virus.

Apple says that all of the software, the mobile, which is associated with the corona-virus in addition to the health organization, which is recognized by the government.

While Google is not supposed to bring any results for the search-related corona virus in the Play Store.

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Quotes from The Verge, Apple has a new app in connection with the corona virus during the process of the review of the manual.seems to catch,


The developer said that they received a message from the creators of the Apple that reads:

“Application of medical information must be submitted at this time, to a recognised institution”, – stated in the message.

Some of the mobile apps from independent developers, information based on data and information from the world health organization (WHO), caught in the spell.

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