“You don’t make these movies for the money”

,in the fire It is an Italian film”. The producers who made it possible to make a new independent feature film by an American director proudly confirm conor allin, presented in its world premiere at the 69th Taormina Film Festival. Although the film, produced by RS Productions in association with Mirari Vos and Ervolino and Lady Bacardi Entertainment in association with Paradox Studios and Angel Oak Films, is set in late 19th century Colombia, was shot Ostuni in Puglia (for interior) and inside Guatemala (to outsiders). and two international stars: in addition to Spanish actors, much of Italy can also be seen in the mostly local cast. Eduardo Noriega and hollywood star Amber Heard, on her first job after the famous lawsuit with ex-husband Johnny Depp. The actress, in particular, appeared in front of the crowd on the blue carpet in Taormina – in her first official public appearance after the end of the trial – smiling and happy, openly grateful to have been able to get rid of the most difficult and controversial duration of his life.

And Heard’s return to the big screen couldn’t have been more fortunate, after landing an ambitious role that gave her the opportunity to demonstrate that behind the gossip, the legal wrangles, any wrongdoing in her personal life, above all, a talented actress, The protagonist is Grace, an American psychiatrist who arrives at a prosperous Colombian farm to try to cure a child whom everyone now believes is possessed by the devil. The woman will have to face the great misogyny and dangerous superstition of the local population, try to apply the latest discoveries in psychoanalysis and demonstrate that the child’s case is not a case of possession, but a simple disease.

“You don’t make these movies for fame or glory, you don’t make them for money. You make them because you love them, you love the history, you love the people and you want to be a part of that experience. – Amber Heard explains – I was very lucky in this project because I met Connor who is a master of interesting and engaging stories and characters full of charm and humanity. Complex characters because they are flawed and wonderful. This is an example of what I love to do, I am really fortunate to have worked with some of the best actors I have worked with over a long period of time. People who, like me, love craft and storytelling.”

The director is the first to acknowledge the importance of a professional like Heard in his relatively small independent film, which he’s been working on for nearly a decade amid thousands of hardships. “The lead actor in a film, especially when he is a big star, set the mood of the set, – Says Ellin – A director tries to do the same, but everyone in the crew looks up to the star, especially when an actress like Amber is always punctual, serious about her work and very prepared comes through We are really grateful that he wanted to make such a difficult film. The real magic for me was seeing Amber as well as all the other actors add something that was not there in the script pages.”

in the fire Is a period drama full of twists and turns in the middle Thriller, Western & Supernatural, There are many powerful scenes related to gender-based violence, childhood violence and mental illness. A complex subject that stands out mainly because of the interpretations of its actors, even the lesser known, such as the very young Lorenzo McGovern BackpacksFully bilingual child actor and budding artist with crystalline talent Isabella BenettonPresent here in a minor role, but will soon return to Taormina in the film Billy’s Magical World, “It was the first film I shot, it was a beautiful and exciting experience because I have loved acting since I was young. – Benetton declares – I have always dreamed of working in this world. These great actors immediately welcomed me and taught me a lot.”

Finally, there is the important role of the great Italian professionals who have given credibility to the whole production, such as the actors Luca Calvini And yuri gugluchi, with the roles of two priests battling – with varying results – called upon to question their beliefs, or perhaps to give them a new meaning. “Initially my perception was one of great concern. – announced Calvani – above all, because I had to text in three languages: English, Spanish and Latin with Spanish pronunciation. We tried a lot, first on Zoom and then in Puglia. It felt good to experience drama school for the first time in many years. Amber is such an actress, she is always in the moment. We surprised each other, carried on, supported each other. Amber is an accomplished and generous artist. A woman who goes beyond the stereotype of the Hollywood star.”

In short, between vivid topics and well explained, in the fire Its popular protagonist, however bright, is more than mere appearance. Amber Heard, for her part, tries to reincarnate as the most illustrious of Phoenix, from the metaphorical “fire” that in this film risks burning her with the cries of “witch”.

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