‘You get the terror’, a mexican who survived in the US-the Covid-19



In the midst of the smell of death that permeates New York city for the pandemic Covid-19, René, an undocumented mexican, he beat the disease.

After being hospitalized and witness the death of two of his three roommates, during the 15 days that she was hospitalized at Maimonides Medical Center, the mexican of 35 years, who lives alone in the united States, was discharged this week.

At least 100 mexicans have been killed in New York by Covid-19, but Rene is now one of the survivors of the pandemic that has in check to the world.

From the global epicentre of the crisis, expressed his happiness for having escaped.

I felt that I was going to die. I already had two muertitos (roommates) and you think about it because I’m I right?” told

During the talk, René, who from two years ago is in New York working as a waiter, away from his wife and their three children who are all in Mexico, recounts how he gave the battle to the virus. And we won.

It was tremendous to be bedridden and not able to neither move, because with the simple fact of the make a move you start coughing and get short of breath, and you feel that you drown. But inside me, I said, calm down, because otherwise, I had told the doctor that if I couldn’t breathe well, I had to intubate me and I was in so much fear, I was terrified,” he said.

Monday, march 23, Rene called 911. Three days before had begun with a severe headache and fever, but as a good mexican just had put ointment on the chest. But that day could no longer.

I woke up and I tried to go to the bathroom, and I could not; I did not, I sofoqué much, I felt that I was suffocating, I was sitting and I called 911. I said I need help, I was told what it is about, and I told them, you know, is that I can not breathe, I feel very bad and they sent an ambulance for me, but that symptom had never felt in my life, I felt that I was going to faint, I felt that I was a strike in there,” he explained.

Upon arriving at the hospital, we made the corresponding tests and gave positive Covid-19.

And because it is a horrible experience, to see so many people passing by, that is already covered, that you already died and you know that you have that, you get the terror,” he confessed.

I was told that it was easier for me to take the lottery.

Until the 21st of march, a day before it was ordered by the forty in New York, and two before entering the hospital, René went to work. He spent his shift of 18 hours, in the middle of a crowd of people that came to the restaurant/bar where she serves the tables.

The people were as if nothing, the party, and I also incredulous that the coronavirus still; I said: `to me that these foreigners are taking land to the chinese. My manager, told me that it was easier for me to take the lottery to give me Covid-19; he also was infected, and now I say, best would have bought the lottery ticket,” he joked.

Five of his companions also fell ill.

I see the news in Mexico and as the people ignore everything they say, seriously, so we were unbelievers, we didn’t believe in that, and right now is the epicenter of the disease, so that they do not know what to do with both dead, in one day, there was 800. When I got out of the hospital since it was an image very ugly, I saw containers and we know very well that the containers are for the dead and only God knows where they are going to stop,” he said.

Today, Rene is recovering at home, filling out a log book daily with the doctors monitor that does not have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing. Yesterday for the fourth day in a row, palomeó not had any symptoms.

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