You go to a friend’s house in The time of Social Distancing is a Bad idea

358 – Some of us feel bored at home and stress with the news of a pandemic virus corona, and the swallow still in the victim’s soul.

Therefore, we will be happy when you see a friend or someone in our family life, not far from our house.

We want people to visit close to us, to get rid of the loneliness. Is it dangerous?

Health experts recommend that, for reasons of caution, we should stay in the house.

Do social distancing not only will you avoid the bar and the restaurant, but also to stay home and not visit friends, which seemed to be healthy.

“We are playing with fire, if you are a friend,” said Jagdish Khubchandani, a professor of health Sciences at Ball State University.

“At this point, we must act as if all the people are infected. We can take a risk for ourselves, our families, our friends and the entire community.”

Khubchandani refer to the new research in China showed that people who are not symptomatic are not exactly the most common Covid-19.

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Many cases, he said, are relatively easy, so that we can recognize that we have been infected. In fact, an infected person before the symptoms showed up after weeks and weeks later could.

That is why it is very important to the social circle we are to be as small as possible and “anti-social” in this time.

“The only people we meet are those we can’t avoid, those who live with us, before this pandemic began, and unstable relationships, such as couples and family core,” said Khubchandani.

“Even in these cases, all the precautions, hygiene, and the removal of as much as possible, it is necessary.”

You can find among our friends, in the real world of today, as in Billiards, where the corona virus is cue-ball.

The view Kirsten Hokeness, associate professor and chair of the Department of science and technology, Bryant University and an expert in immunology, Virology, Microbiology, and human health and disease.

“If the white ball is a virus, and we have a table full of balls, then the “virus” is a lot of options,” he said.

“Our friends, the people who live with our friends, including the elderly or people with certain health conditions, are more vulnerable.”

“As distance, border, unnecessary meetings, and still start in the house.”

Without a vaccine, corona virus, the only way we can prevent the spread of the virus, it is the movement from one person to the next.

“The Virus requires a host to run more,” says Hokeness.

“You can’t live alone, need a man as a vehicle to spread more. If he is someone to be infected and to move no other body, to stop the spread of the virus.”

To give “on the contrary, if we collect more, in a very small group, we run the risk of the virus another chance to survive in the population,” says Hokeness.

Why social distancing so hard, “agreed” the majority of people?

The answer lies in the word social in the term, says Liz Higgins, a family therapist and the founder of the thousand year’s life coaching in Dallas.

“We are social beings. We will connect to,” he said.

“This is the experience, the physiological, to want us, and crave the interaction with other people.”

“What was proposed, that, in the us, this is in contrast to the nature of our lives. Of course, a digital connector, can meet most of these requirements, but not completely.”

We can easily have, Afraid to miss out on (FOMO)–uneasy because they are afraid of the miss of information from social media and fear, when we see friends or family near us.

However, you should not try to keep the agenda of the Assembly, in the center of the current outbreak, be it a celebration, festivity or reunion.

“My advice to all of us, to do the social distancing is to accept the fact that this is temporary,” said Higgins.

“Although we do not know exactly when this is over, we can say with full certainty that it will happen at some point.”

“Let go of the fact was the Foundation and we made a decision to stay while you are in a safe place.”

Social distance does not mean we can’t socialize. It just means we have to do it from home for a while.

“In the past, we can quarantine and prevent virus to the host of the next has to spread out, the faster we are back to a normal life,” says Hokeness.