You have criticized Jennifer Lopez for a bikini that only roles: hide it how?


The artist Jennifer Lopez picked as the face of a brand more important bikinis. It was with a view on assisi, and with swimsuit high-end, the hidden still, in the course of the years. How to hide these complementary roles?

6. March 2020

Jennifer Lopez It is a beautiful model and singer of the 50-year-old, who continues to be shocked through the social networks.

With more than 115 million followers on his account instagram officially, JLo shows that for each look there is no age. Or Yes?

It turns out that in the last hours, a video was viral, in which the artist Jennifer Lopez starred in the photos of a well-known brand of bikinis.

JLo was photographed and filmed, the sitting on a deck chair, his hair was wavy and posing in a swimsuit, animal print. While this is a blow up, the singer was seen to escape with a few roles.

The critics are always going to happen, but the question is: how to hide these roles are not blessed, of which women want?

With a belt, wear black jeans, or large. To tan It is a good option! It makes them appear slimmer and firmer. The belt They are a good option, because it highlights this part of the figure.

Tips to hide rolls of unwanted.

Jennifer Lopez has already 50 years old and it does not bother you (as you should be loved, not to be a woman), its large silhouette and all of the brands experienced. A round of applause for this goddess!!!!