You have to watch Bryan Cranston become Walter White in under a minute


If you have not seen nothing The Way, then it is your fault that you’ve come across this spoiler on Walter White, already spent enough time since its premiere. Only it felt a little bit.

At this stage of the game because all you need to know that, despite the fact that Walter White died trying to save Jessie at the end of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston yes had a cameo in The Way, for which he had to return to become the high school teacher turned drug trafficker who played during the 5 seasons of the series, and for which he received 5 Emmy awards.

When they thought to make a movie to continue where the series left off, Vince Gilligan knew that he wanted to involve Walter White in some way, so I asked him to do a cameo in the story, which focuses on the character of Jesse Pinkman after the events of the series.

The cameo is a flash back that takes Walter back to the events of “4 Days Out”one of the chapters of the second season. At that time, Bryan Cranston had his head shaved in preparation for his treatment for the cancer that would be Walter, and that he would lose hair, but by the time he reached The Road, the hair of Cranston had already grown and had no intention of re-raparse for a cameo, small, so that the production team had to resort to the magic of special effects to bring Heisenberg back, and make it look like it did in the second season of the series.

Cranston just shared a video on Twitter that shows the process that was followed to re-interpret his most famous character, there you can see how to use a latex cap to look bald again and placed a “wig” to give the famous mustache that Walter used from the beginning and became his hallmark.

In the video, Cranston is teasing the production equipment and the long time that the temó to finish the film. “I don’t know why filming takes so long, I became Walter White in less than a minute”.

Speaking with Rolling Stone about her cameo of The Way, Cranston recalled how quickly he returned to resume the character. “There are so many talismans that I used to journal during the filming: his glasses, his shirt, the Wallabees”, said Cranston. “Immediately I returned to appear in that character. To be in Albuquerque, to be close to the same group, having Aaron there, and Vince, and [la productora] Melissa Bernstein, I modified a little bit, because it’s like, ‘my God, six years, and we are back! ‘It felt a little creepy. In the good sense.”

We don’t know how much time it was saving this video, but it is clear that you waited until the last possible moment so as not to give any spoiler and ruin the surprise to those who took a little longer to see the film.

According to Aaron Paul, the film opens up the possibilities of to continue telling the story of Jesse Pinkman, and would like to do it again, so that also leaves room for more cameos, or ghosts, of Walter, and although there is nothing confirmed yet, it is good to know that Bryan Cranston can be ready in less than a minute in case they decide to re-call him to keep telling the story, that would no longer be about him, but it is still an important figure in the life of Jesse Pinkman.