“You made me do it”: Jenna Ortega recalls awkward encounter with fan Wednesday

Star Jenna Ortega recalled an awkward encounter she had with a flight attendant on Wednesday. Since its launch in late 2022, Wednesday has helped make its lead actor a household name. Especially for the younger generation of fans, the Netflix series established Ortega as a rising scream queen. With his horror roles in the revived Scream, X Saga, and a terrifying guest appearance in Studio 666, the Golden Globe nominee has amassed an impressive filmography. This would continue with his next appearance in Beetlejuice 2.

As he recently told The Hollywood Reporter, Ortega has had awkward encounters with fans. In one instance, the actress mentions how she was noticed for her role as Tara Carpenter in Scream and starring in Wednesdays. This led to an awkward conversation with a flight attendant, who showed enthusiasm for Wednesday’s signature look. Read Ortega’s full quote below:

“A lot of the things I’m known for now are Scream or Wednesdays, and Wednesdays have a much bigger audience than I expected, at least in terms of age: they’re older and younger. But I’ve also had some weird stories happen on airplanes, where I’ve woken up with notes or something. I just got off once yesterday, and finally the flight attendant pulled her hair down from her ponytail and tied it in two braids and pulled her bangs down and said, ‘You made me do this.’

The Wednesday Effect Makes Season 2 a Challenge (But There Are Encouraging Signs)

Given the popularity of Wednesday’s first season, which is still breaking records for Netflix since its debut, speculation has been rife whether the show might try to recreate the viral moments and appearances that made it a cult classic. created a sensation. For example, the question remains whether Season 2 of The Wednesdays will attempt to recreate the popular dance that made headlines and was eventually recreated by Madonna and Lady Gaga.

It’s not just a matter of Ortega’s viral dancing and overall looks, although that is a component. Wednesday’s second season may risk betting heavily on some of the aspects that have generated much online discussion about the series, such as the love triangle between Tyler and Xavier or the friendship between Wednesday and Enid that has fueled the show. Made it very emotional. There is a risk of repeating what worked the first time.

Based on what Ortega shared about Season 2 on Wednesday, it looks like Netflix’s success will go in the opposite direction. Ortega, who will produce future episodes, noted that the decision was made to delve deeper into the horror aspects of Wednesday and added that the second chapter would get rid of the romantic love interests. It’s a bold move to change something that has been successful, but could be beneficial in the future.

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