You Make It Easy For The Users, Which Translate Now From Google Translate Conversations Instantly


RADARMALANGID – at the beginning of January, Google introduced a new feature to Google translate, the wizard is able to, a spoken sentence into another language directly, while it also.

Now, Google has announced that Google-Translate-audio-tuner you push it this week, and is available in eight languages, including English, French, German, Indian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Before, Google Translate can already change the conversation directly in the text. But the text has not been translated into any other language, let alone translate a sentence in a long discussion.

To realize this, Google will present instant-feature-audio-tuner about the update, the Translate on Google.

“We are aware of this and considers the gap as a important part of the process of communication of the people. Therefore, we have this feature,” said Google spokesman.

However, this update for the Android platform only, after which later on the iOS platform.

When it is officially launched, there will be a new option called “audio-tuner’. At the beginning of the translation of a sentence, the user can press the button “audio tuner” in the application menu.

Language options are available, can also be replaced by the drop-down menu on the application.

Quote from ZDNet (19/3), such as the work on the new feature is similar to the Live-audio-tuner, which does not occur in the process of transcription (speech to text) on the phone, because it is processed in the Google Cloud and Tensor Processing Unit (TPU).

In other words, Google Translate audio tuner working thanks to the combination between the translation can function directly with the device TPU.

Features-Live audio-the tuner itself is one of the features was created by Google to help users with hearing loss.

Author: Elsa Yuni Kartika
Photo: Android Central
Editor: Hendarmono Al Sidarto