You Me Not Get Bored, Play, Instagram, There, The New Functions Are Also


VIVA – Already more than a week, call to stay at home and reduce the activity in the mass to do. Inevitably, this reputation makes a person feel bored and saturated with activities made only at home.

For those who are bored, maybe you can try to watch the new features of Instagram, which is the name of the Co. To share this function, similar to a video call, which allows users to screen with the account owner of the Instagram other.

To observe by the use of co, the user of the three menus, the on Instagram, the are stored the content, the conduct preferred and recommended for video calls, with the other account holder can.

“Instagram has a Co-watching, a function that the user uploads to Instagram together with friends over video chat,” said party Instagram in a statement on Wednesday, 25. March 2020.

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You enjoy it, lead you to a video call by pressing the video camera icon at the top, select the account that you want to be contacted, could.with the direct message to the account

Once connected, the icon is a photo with a description of the media in the bottom of the screen. Tap the image and it will look like the photo or video is stored, it is preferred and recommended.

The figure features a co-watching on Instagram.

You simply choose to upload desired, it will be seen immediately, with the other account. This function is part of the efforts Instagram the preservation and promotion of the community.

Instagram, you can call Co-watch can be used by users all over the world, in the next few days. In addition, Instagram also prohibit misleading advertising through the corona, as well as the content sponsor, the promotion of the medical equipment is especially.

“In addition, Instagram is the elimination of the Filter-the Filter of the AR in connection with the COVID-19, with the exception of the Filter, AR, is working with a health organization to be trustworthy,” writes the description.