“You should be next.” The network is discussing a new candidate for the heroine of the show Bachelor-2

Olga Polyakova told who should be the next Bachelor (Photo: Instagram.com/lesia_nikitiuk)

Ukrainian singer Olga Polyakova on Instagram spoke out about who should be the next heroine. On the web, many agreed with her opinion.

The artist believes that next season men should fight for the heart of Lesya Nikityuk. She posted emotional videos on her Instagram.

“ I looked at Bachelor. And I liked it! And I watched the whole season. In short, do you remember how I chased the Bachelor? What kind of discrimination, why are all these women fighting for one lousy peasant? So, in Bachelor, it’s the opposite. But in nature, everything is done this way! Deer fight on their horns for the female, tigers, lions, and even orangutans. The peacock is always beautiful, with a beautiful tail, and his chicken is like that … because they all fight for the continuation of the family. And by nature, it should be that men should fight for one female. So the Bachelor is ho-to-sho! Leska Nikityuk, you should be next, ”the pop singer summed up.

Choreographer Maxim Yezhov, Lesia Nikityuk’s partner in the show Dancing with the Stars, supported the idea of ​​the outrageous singer. Polyakova even reposts his video to her story with the caption ” Polyakov’s People’s Matchmaker.” Nikityuk reacted to the same story with the phrase: “Who said that I was alone at all?” Moreover, Yezhov admitted that he was ready to fight for her heart on the project.

Olga Polyakova proposed Nikityuk for the role of the new Bachelor / Photo: Instagram.com/polyakovamusic

“ I also think Lesya needs to go to the Bachelor. Well, there cannot be such a fucking beautiful, sexy, passionate girl to be alone. Lesya, if you go to the Bachelor, then I, as a participant, will fight for your heart. Exactly until “26 zhovtnya”.

Nikityuk commented on the statements of her dancing partner in her usual manner: “Guys, I have no heart.”

In the story, the presenter of the New Channel also reposts the story of TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk, where he and his wife Kristina Gornyak also agitate her to become the next Bachelor.

Lesya Nikityuk reacted to such news in her own style / Photo: Instagram.com/lesia_nikitiuk


Earlier, the father of many children and the host of the show Bachelor Grigory Reshetnik proposed the candidacy of Tina Karol for the role of the main character of the new season. Fans reacted positively to this idea.