You weren’t invited to my Bat Mitzvah, Adam Sandler returns to Netflix with his family

Adam Sandler is getting his family involved in the new comedy You’re Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, available on Netflix.

Adam Sandler anxious father You are not invited to my bat mitzvahnew youth comedy based on the novel of the same name Fiona Rosenbloom available from today, August 25, 2023, Netflix. The streaming giant continues to deepen its partnership with Adam Sandler, joining the actor this time Idina Menzel. story, director Sammy Cohen, talks about Stacey, who really wants to have the best Bat Mitzvah and would like to share this special moment with her best friend Lydia. However, unfortunately, you can’t always choose where your heart goes, and it’s because of the boy that the two friends end up going their separate ways.

You are not invited to my bat mitzvah, comedy plot is available on Netflix.

The Bat Mitzvah is a traditional Jewish ceremony that symbolizes the attainment of religious maturity and responsibility. In the comedy, available on Netflix, it’s already clear for Stacy: she’s hosted a bat mitzvah at the table with the support of her best friend Lydia, and she wants to do it big. He even wants to attract Olivia Rodrigo or Dua Lipa, despite the skepticism of his parents (who do not have the financial resources to afford the presence of a celebrity of this caliber at his bat mitzvah). But Stacy is glad that she has at least the unconditional support of her best friend. It is a pity that it is the latter who at some point stabs her in the back. Stacey catches her with her lips glued to the boy she likes, and from that moment on, a gap grows between them. Stacy can’t forgive her, so he pushes her away. But the absence of Lydia in his life will have a burden that will become more and more.

A little curiosity about the cast? Jackie Sandler, who plays Gaby, is married to Adam Sandler in real life. And that is not all. The cast of the film “You’re Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah” includes other participants. family: Sadie and Sunny Sandlertranslators Ronnie and Stacey, their daughters. We are also adding to the cast. Samantha Lorraine, Dylan Hoffman, Sarah Sherman, Dan Bulla, Ido Mosseri, Jackie Hoffman, Zaara Kattemperour AND Luis Guzman.

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