You wouldn’t believe it! Take a look at what they did with Jennifer Lopez and Becky G, there


Jennifer Lopez and Becky G, will cause a sensation when you see this amazing photo of the dress that gives a lot to talk about, holy God!

Both of these singers have succeeded in impressing millions with his passion, in the moment, to interpret the themes of music, whether on stage or recording music.

Jennifer Lopez ever since it appeared for the first time on the big screen, we learned that her career has lasted for years, because of his real talent, which seems like it will never end.

For its part,the Becky G it is one of the singers in urban music to more young people, and the most famous of the moment decision, and from a very young age and led him to where he is today.

It is for this reason that we can’t leave out this incredible photo that shows both of the artists ‘ dresses, bold adhered to each other.

Becky G if you show up with a dress-orange-in super adheres to your shape, making sure you check all of this out in great detail, and as far as the JLo his controversial dress of many of the lace makes our imagination to fly high.