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Younes Bendjima leaks messages from Scott Disick criticizing Kourtney Kardashian

Younes Bendjima, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-partner, has revealed some messages through his stories on his Instagram account, in which Scott Disick, also the ex-partner of Kris Jenner’s daughter, criticizes the mother of his children for his new relationship with drummer Travis Barker.

Everything indicates that Scott Disick has not overcome his break with the businesswoman and that is why the new relationship that his ex-partner has started with the rapper bothers him a lot, so he wanted to vent with several messages he has sent to Bendjima, in which you can read: “Is this girl okay? Brother, what is this. In the middle of Italy ”, referring to a photograph of Kardashian with Barker.

Younes Bendjima reveals messages from Scott Disick

Younes Bendjima reveals messages from Scott Disick


Bendjima, for his part, wanted to make it clear that he is not interested in knowing about the new relationship of the Kardashian sister, so he replied: “I do not care as long as she is happy. And as a postscript he adds: “I’m not your brother.” And also, he added in the story: “Maintain the same energy that you used to display with me publicly, in private.”

After bringing these messages to light, Younes Bendima has published another story in which he has commented: “I have not been able to pass this one. He’s been playing with me for a long time and I’m tired of keeping quiet and being a good boy. “

Younes Bendjima reveals messages from Disick

Younes Bendjima reveals messages from Disick


At the moment, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have not spoken publicly about these controversial messages. The eldest sister of the clan shares three children with Disick, with whom she had a 9-year relationship.

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