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Young Venezuelan is wanted by justice for alleged theft of a million dollars in Bitcoin

The Venezuelan Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (CICPC) this weekend communicated about the beginning of an investigation to find the whereabouts of Jesús Dos Santos Hernández after allegedly having stolen USD 1,150,000 through the Binance platform.

Agree to The publication issued by Douglas Rico, who is a police officer and director of the CICPC, through the Instagram platform, the 23-year-old is “financial operator of the virtual currency Bitcoin “ and simulated a kidnapping in which he was supposed to transfer the kidnappers to different digital wallets, all the cryptocurrencies that the victims had stored using the Binance exchange platform.

In the framework of cryptocurrencies, Venezuela has been one of the countries in Latin America that has had a great adoption against them, as assured by companies such as Chainalyisis for example.

Nevertheless, Just as there are entities and individuals dedicating themselves to the crypto ecosystem, there are also criminals who are waiting for an opportunity to carry out scams, robberies and cryptojacking.

Although this is not new, since it does not happen only in the Caribbean country; but globally in the different regions where they operate with cryptocurrencies, thus leaving everyone vulnerable to these illicit activities.

Last year, through the Binance application, a 91 Bitcoins scam emerged to the Venezuelan José Ramón Armas after starting a conversation with the supposed CEO of Binance ‘CZ0’.

The communication between the two came from a publication made by the Venezuelan where he showed the lemonade stand that his son had set up and where he said that he accepted payments in Bitcoin (BTC) to which the supposed CEO of the company reacted.

The scam was carried out after the fake ‘CZ’ sent him a link in which Armas had to enter to find out about a new project related to cryptocurrencies.

Modus operandi practiced by cybercriminals

It must be borne in mind that since blockchain technology arrived in the world and together with it the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the ways in which criminals seek to steal and defraud people and companies have gradually increased. operating within this system.

Some of the ones that you may hear most of are: cryptojacking, which is called in this way when the cybercriminal intervenes the machine with which the other individual operates and begins to produce cryptocurrencies through mining. It should be clarified that this activity is carried out without the consent of the victim.

Then there is the modus operandi by means of some malware: that it is a malicious software installed by the hacker that infects the network or the computer and by which the author of the illegal activity can undermine the private data of the victim and also steal cryptocurrencies.

Another system that adds to this set of forms of scam is Crypto Phishing: in which users share their private and confidential information on websites such as social networks and also by text messages.

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