“Your dress is a mop”, Cristina Cordula tackles Karine Le Marchand, this detail that does not pass!


In “Operation renaissance” this Monday, January 18, Karine Le Marchand was reframed by Cristina Cordula …

“It’s a disaster” … fans of the Queens of shopping and more generally, Cristina Cordula, no longer count the times the priestess of fashion has uttered this sentence. 

Moreover, this Monday, January 18, it is to the attention of her friend and colleague Karine Le Marchand that the Brazilian bomb launched this statement. 

Cristina could not bear that her colleague appeared in Operation Renaissance wearing a badly ironed red dress and did not fail to let her know. 

“Your dress looks like a mop,” even launched the queen of good taste … a remark that greatly amused Karine as well as Emeline, one of the participants in the program. 

The latter underwent, in front of the cameras of M6, a sleeve gastrectomy, an operation to remove part of the stomach. Everything took place in 2017 and the young woman has since lost no less than 48 kilos! 

The show also revealed the difficult journey of Pierre-Yves, who has suffered from overweight since birth. 

“It’s a very nice meeting that continues, we are online quite frequently. It was very important in my career. During the filming, I separated from my partner. It was in the middle of August, Karine was on holiday and she took the time to spend an hour on the phone with me to comfort me and give me advice. it will not be shown because it was not filmed, but it has been there for me “, has she declared about Karine Le Marchand, to TV Mag