Your favorite character is about to return?

A Favorite Batman character could he return to the new DC Universe soon? Meet fans’ expectations message from James Gunn on X (formerly Twitter), in which the director and co-CEO of DC Studios expresses his admiration for the 1928 film. laughing manFrom Paul Leniand especially for the character being played Conrad Veidtwith a permanent smile engraved on his face. Gunn shared some photos from the film and also told an anecdote about how the actor’s iconic performance inspired DC comics artists to creation of the Joker.

Conrad Veidt in Paul Leni’s The Man Who Laughs (1928) based on the novel by Victor Hugo. The film was a silent romantic drama and starred Veidt’s character. The smile was etched on his boyish face by the comprachicos, a fictional group of people who changed the appearance of children like a gardener changes a bonsai tree. Bill Finger, Kane, and Jerry Robinson disagreed on a lot of things, but they did agree that Veidt’s performance was an inspiration for the Joker character in the comics.”

Obviously, this could only be an interesting curiosity that the director shared with his followers, but in the comments he immediately remembered possible spoiler for the future of the DC Universe. There are those who hope return of the “classic” Joker Jack Nicholson, unlike the recent cuts we’ve seen in theaters that went so far as to link Gunn’s post to Batman Who Laughs, an alternate version of Batman that appeared in the Dark Multiverse saga; essentially Batman with the morality of his nemesis the Joker.

James Gunn’s current focus is on Superman: Legacyso we can’t expect too much news about the next Batman movie coming out 2025. In the meantime, Joker fans will be able to do something else. Joker: Folie a DeuxWith Joaquin Phoenix AND Lady Gagaoutgoing October 4, 2024.

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