Your look like never before. Cheating without any fear, it teaches you what is under the pants


“Rihanna is not to surprise us, with their pain, for no one knew that she was the proud owner of a beautiful charisma

The pop singer and entrepreneur, Rihanna always surprises us, because it can enamorarnos with the day-to-day, and your style, very original. The artist, at just 31 years old he knew how to capture and engage your followers.

She, on this occasion we left you with your mouth wide open, therefore, without any fear, showed it, something that takes you underneath the shorts, and the one that no one expected it, it’s all a surprise or anything. We can’t believe it!

More recently, we have seen the creation of an image that can be seen posing in his usual style wise, it looks like a sweater, and a jean with some wear and tear, intentional, and from the bottom of the pants and the vest is a beautiful boxer brand DESIGN.

In the same way, you can look at maquiada with their own line called Fenty X-Beauty, the business of the artist was released in the year 2017, and, as it turned out, he had a host of significant part of the public, and that it has raised $ 72 million usd.