Youth bodybuilding obsession: is it dangerous or helpful?

As the net is flooded with images of perfect and shapely bodies, young people are devoting themselves to bodybuilding: a new mass culture. Benefits and Limitations Explained by the Expert

If you have the opportunity to see young people between 20-30 years old, but also under twenty years old, then this event should not have escaped you. their bodies have changed: Muscular, proud to show off his biceps and triceps, happy to show off his turtleneck on his Instagram account. In his posts, he talks about increasing muscle mass and pays a lot of attention to nutrition. His passion? carve one perfect body Like footballers and actors.

bodybuilding among new generations


Bodybuilding effect is gaining more and more followers among the new generations. Statistics for 2022 show that 43% of youth aged 16-25 not only practice it, but it has become their favorite activity. Games or Exhibition? “A Little of Both – La Explains” Dr. Caterina Bianconi, Psychologist, Psychiatrist , Showcasing abs among teenagers is a real phenomenon on social networks. The obsession of bodybuilders emerged on Instagram around 2017, then everything accelerated in the lockdown. “Most of the youth have started advertising workout with weights at home and sharing your exercises on social networks. There has been a lot of talk about sports, body, health during the pandemic. Since then bodybuilding has grown exponentially both in and out of the gym.

This model is very much liked by the youth


Actor, bodybuilder and fitness influencerIn which American actor Michael B. The saga of Jordan, also includes the new Rocky creeddry body of Cristiano Ronaldoyour own permanent promoter abdominal muscles on Instagram, or even by Zac Efron on bulging biceps under a tight T-shirt. “These handsome, muscular men are something like Ferragnis or Kardashian To the male universe. Among the new myths are American bodybuilders who have become real stars.

Look in the mirror of social networks


Earlier it used to be that men used to care about their career more than their body. Today they take care of themselves, they train several times a week, They are careful about their appearance and sometimes more so than women. The focus on aesthetics of many men today seems to bring about a redefinition of the concept. masculine, “Whereas before the prowess and knowledge of caring for a woman, as well as the family a man could create with that woman, were shown off, today It appears that entities are what many people invest in feeling desirable”.



According to the expert theyTwo possible traps: First It takes shape when the attention to the body becomes an obsession; Second When outside investment leaves you content. If my worth and desirability depend on my stomach, that in itself runs the risk of making them unsure. Balance lies in being able to pursue a discipline, like bodybuilding, passionately because you love it and taking care of yourself while doing it. Caring is caring, not recognition,

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