YouTube-Reduce the quality of Streaming in the world

161–Previously, YouTube announced that if you reduce the quality streaming in Europe. This step has been taken to the Bandwidth the user consumes when you are at home in case of an outbreak of the corona virus. So download your internet service provider is also easier.

According to the news recently, it looks like YouTube, you can extend this policy to the whole world. This means that from now on, the default quality of YouTube standard definition is. So all the video playback, only standard quality.

Users who want to have a video with higher quality will have to do it manually. This differs from the setting used by YouTube. The setting of the default-YouTube, previous video is of higher quality. With the decline in the quality of the streaming video, expected internet network in the world, is not so hard to write UbergizmoTuesday (24/3).

Netflix announced that if you reduce the quality streaming video in Europe. But the company has decided not to do it in other countries.

Editor : Ranu Ario