Youtube to remove more than 25,000 channels, with content that is racist


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The video platform has deleted you from their service, with the channels of the groups and supremacist americans violate the “necessary” rules, saying, for example, that some individuals are inferior to others. In France, we have closed the account from the activist Dieudonné repeatedly convicted of anti-semitism.

In the wave of global protest against racism following the death of George’s Career at the hands of the police are white, impact is now in the virtual world. On the platform, Youtube, owned by Google, has claimed to have stopped the thousands of channels that incited violence.

According to the Agency France Presse, the channel list is deleted, the David Duke, well-known for having been the leader of the Ku Klux Klan; and the channel of the leader of the right-hand alternative, by Stefan Molyneux; both channels PIN to memory fragmentation, and rpspencer, created by Richard Spencer, a militant neo-nazi; and the distribution of the half-white supremacist American Renaissance, and the channel is open AmRenPodcasts.

“Having up-to-date with our regulations to better address the issue of the content of supremacist, we have seen a multiplication by 5 and the number of videos taken out, and we’ve got to put an end to the more than 25,000 channels and a violation of our rules on hate speech,” said a spokesman for Youtube.

The giant online, were accused of spreading the hate

The death at the end of may, the afro-american George’s Career into the hands of the police are white, sparked a huge movement against racism, which was a thank-you to the businesses and the institutions to review their policies, with the social networks that have become even more than ever before, the object of criticism to tolerate the contents that incite to violence against minorities. YouTube has pointed out, however, that in its struggle against the supremacist, began about a year ago.

On the platform, so to prohibit “all over the video claiming that one group is superior to in order to justify the discriminationthe segregation and exclusion on the basis of attributes such as age, sex, national origin, social class, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status, in accordance with the law.

In the event of a breach, and, as a measure of caution, we may withdraw the rights to the leaders of the channel, such as the ability to profit by the publicity.

In France, as in the case of Dieudonné

And the fact is that for some of the major acts on the Internet has become the main source of income is from clicks generated by Youtube for each video, or the visibility of the platform. In the case of an activist of the French Dieudonné M Bala M Bala, whose Youtube channel has been shut down this week, and by his repeated messages, and anti-semitic in his speeches, the songs, and who was supposedly known for.

In to your Youtube account, you totalizaba more than 400,000 subscribers, Dieudonné published regularly in the videos that arremetía against the jews, and the ironizaba about the Shoah (the Holocaust). His videos, which have generated hundreds of thousands of people, have already caused controversy in the past. On the platform, Youtube, has been removed, in the year 2014, a video in which He sang a song to be ironic about the genocide of the jews. A few months later in the same year, Youtube has suspended the account of an activist who had posted a video of the beheading of american journalist James Foley by the group is State-Islamist conflict in Syria. The discussant then moved the videos to a platform, in russia, before I re-open a Youtube account under a different name.

The Youtube video of Dieudonné came to a halt.
The Youtube video of Dieudonné came to a halt. © Screen shot

In November last year, the list of decisions of the Dieudonné has grown to a fine of 9,000 euros for the aiding and abetting of the abuse antijudía, with the release of a video satire about the Shoah.

The removal of the channel from the Dieudonné has been described as “great news“the delegate of the French government, in charge of the fight against racism, anti-semitism and the hatred of the anti-LGBT people. The decision has also been received from the union of Jewish Students of France, the UEJF, which released a number of videos of Dieudonné in the past few months. “The last of the videos Dieudonné published, while in quarantine, highlight the fragility of antijudía from the author.The ex-comedian repeats the clichés of anti-semites, and accused of the ‘israeli’ threatening the peace of the world, and to promote hatred’, ” he told the weekly Le Point Noémie Madar, president of the UEJF. In this organization, because, in addition to Twitter and Facebook to act in the same way.


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