YouTube Videos With Lower Quality During The Month Of

202 – YouTube before reduces the quality of video streaming during the month, starting from Tuesday (24/3/2020). Video playback on YouTube now Standard will use the resolution, standard-definition (480p).

YouTube Video of the previous Standard in-streaming in the quality high definition (720p and higher) will automatically be reduced. Nevertheless, the user can change the resolution via the menu Settings.

It gives way to on YouTube, to a reduction in the Bandwidth on the side of your internet service provider – (internet service provider/ISP), because a lot of people fill on YouTube to you in your activities for the proposal of silence in the house, in different countries.

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“We are also working to minimize with the government and network operators around the world, the pressure on the system during the current situation,” said a spokesman for Google, collected KompasTekno from Business Insider, Thursday (26/3/2020).

A Google spokesman also said that the increase in traffic to the YouTube servers in recent weeks that the peak occurred at night.

Earlier on Monday (23/03/2020) before, Netflix and YouTube also reduces the quality of streaming Videos on its platform in the European region, in order to prevent the occurrence of an increase in the volume of traffic and reduce the load on the broadband network.

Such a step taken, after the Industrial region of the European Union, Thierry Breton,?call a streaming-video-service-provider and ask them to make a contribution to reducing the load on the infrastructure of the internet.

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In response to this demand, YouTube said that it only then?the streaming-video service, with the quality of the SD over the next 30 days in Europe.

Netflix also said that it is the quality of the streaming will be reduced for the next 30 days to reduce the consumption of user data by 25 percent.

“After discussions between the EU Commissioner Thierry Breton, CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, as well as in view of the extraordinary challenges decided by the coronavirus, Netflix has, reduce the bitrate on all of our services in Europe,” said a spokesman from Netflix.