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Thousands of netizens have been left in shock after seeing an unusual YouTube video in which the former director of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘rejects the former actress adult film Sasha Grey.

An unexpected video has become viral on YouTube as he showed us the day that the former director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn rejected Sasha Grey. The video has generated all kinds of comments on such a platform of videos of hundreds of users who were amazed by the short film.

The video has surprised more than one post that shows how the actress tries to have an intimate moment with the young director, who far from accept the proposal decides to reject it in the worse possible way. The video has already become viral on YouTube after discovering the truth of such a film material.

To the astonishment of all internet users who saw this previously unreleased video on YouTube, this material belongs to a web series called “James Gunn’s PG Porn” which depicted a series of skits with some of the scenes related to the film for adults.

In this series James Gunnalong with his brothers Brian Gunn and Sean Gunnwrote the plot that would have every one of the chapters of this series, which featured the participation of prominent actresses of the adult film.

In chapter 4 of the web series the ex-actress and DJ Sasha Grey had a participation in the program and played a young student who had a problem with your vehicle so ask for help to the mechanic Lance, played by James Gunn.

The scene that they recorded together was very comical since Sasha Grey tried to seduce him at all times and James Gunn the scrapped without thinking twice. The video has become viral on YouTube, despite the fact that this material was released in January 2009.

Here I leave the video that is already a sensation on YouTube.

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