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Today at 19:00 in front of the Pim supermarket on via di Macchia Saponara, hundreds of residents of Casal Palocco, Axa and Infernetto will take to the streets to honor the memory of little Manuel, with balloons and white T-shirts. There will also be representatives of the local administration, with the President X City Hall Mario Falconiparents and children who went to school with their five-year-old peer who was hit on June 14 by an SUV driven by Matteo Di Pietro that crashed into Smart of the child’s mother. She could also be present by candlelight in memory of her son and perhaps even former partner Marco along with Manuel’s grandparents and younger sister. This will be the first time since the accident that claimed the life of a child, the investigation of which is far from complete.

The incident is yet to be clarified.

Di Pietro Houses and tomorrow he is to appear before the investigating judge at a hearing in the case. He has been charged with vehicular homicide and bodily harm. He could make a statement, explain what happened, send a message to Manuel’s family, but it is possible that – for a defensive strategy – 20-year-old YouTuber, one of the leaders of TheBorderline, however, you can use the right not to answer. In the reconstruction of the accident and in the behavior of both Di Pietro and his four friends (Vito Loiacono, Marco Chaffarelli, Simone Dutto and Superwitness Gaia Nota) on board the Lamborghini, rented for the duration of the test (50 hours), there are still some points that need to be clarified.

The boys may be interrogated again

And it is possible that other boys, already heard by the carabinieri and the prosecutor’s office as people reporting facts, can be interrogated again, also to understand whether their versions correspond to the facts – in particular, the behavior of Di Pietro and about using mobile phones and Go Pro cameras in the cockpit – there are contradictions. Meanwhile, however, we are already thinking about what will happen after the trial, which will have to judge those responsible for the death of the child.

insurance and speed

In particular, to compensate for the damage that revolves around history. It is estimated that Di Pietro may face requests worth around two million euros, associated not only with the hypothesis that in the case of a conviction for vehicular homicide, the insurance company that covers Lamborghini Urus from 290 thousand euros (on loan from September 2022 to the rental company “Heavenly Limits” the owner of the San Matteo dealer from Pavia) can take revenge on the 20-year-old boy after paying compensation to members of the Manuel family. Then there’s the damage to the supercar entrusted to the boy, that although a novice driver could drive it, but no more than 90 km/h while for the charge it increased to 110 in a precinct where the limit was 30 per hour preceded by pedestrian crossings.

Sponsors are gone

But there is also a question related to the suspension of the Youtube channel of Theborderline, founded in 2020 with a friend Leonardo Golinelli, which in 2022 had a turnover of about 200 thousand euros, also sponsored or, in any case, collaborative (Sony among the first and Cinecittà World among others) of companies that could believe that they were damaged in terms of image due to contact with the profile of youtubers. So much so that even Google immediately took official action by blocking ads and ad revenue from the profile created by Di Pietro.

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