Yucatan allows you to disembark at 49 british of a cruise


Mexico allowed up to 49 british nationals disembark from a cruise ship anchored in front of its caribbean coast to return by plane to his country and the operator of the boat, in exchange, paid the flight of 141 mexicans who were stranded in England due to travel restrictions by the coronavirus, said on Wednesday the Government of Mexico.

Tuesday, the Navy withdrew to a passenger in a critical state of the cruise Marella Explorer 2 for treatment of an emergency in the mexican territory. The boat was anchored in front of Puerto Progreso in Yucatan state.

The passengers removed the Wednesday of the boat were taken to Mérida, capital of Yucatanand placed on a chartered flight with destination to London. All health precautions were taken, ensure. Not mentioned if there was among the passengers suspected cases of coronavirus.

The governments of mexico and british coordinated the work with the operator of the cruise, Marella Cruises, which belongs to the british company TUI Travel.

Many of the ship’s passengers reportedly disembarked and returned to their countries last week. It is unknown how many remained on board.

The mexican government has allowed cruise ships to dock and disembark passengers or crew members on humanitarian grounds.



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