Yucatán Lions announce preliminary roster for Baseball Champions League

Mazatlan. – The Yucatan Lions IX are ready for the first ever Baseball Champions League, taking place from September 28 to October 1, which will be the first championship held globally by the World Baseball and Softball Federation. Baseball League Club Championship (World Bank Standards Committee).

The melenudos, led by head coach Roberto “Chapo” Vizcarra, unveiled their preliminary roster, which includes four catchers, 11 infielders, five outfielders and 20 Pitcher. A few days before the start of the international competition, the roster will be reduced to 24 players:

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Kukulkan Alamo Park will host such an important game, with the 2022 LMB Champion Yucatan Lions from the United States and the American Association League Champion Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks playing here; Cuban Baseball League Champions Alazanes de Granma and Colombian Baseball League champion Caimanes de Barranquilla.

Seven games will be played in four days. The competition adopts a round-robin format, with four participating teams competing, the top two teams advance to the finals, and the remaining two teams will compete for third place.

Yucatan Lions roster

Here is the preliminary list of players and coaches for the Yucatan Lions participating in the BCL:


  • Sebastian Valle
  • Alexis Wilson
  • Angel Chavarin
  • Gilberto Vizcarra


  • Luis Juarez
  • Luis Sardinas
  • Agustín Murillo
  • Lazaro Alonso
  • Diego Madero
  • Marco Jaime
  • Angel Camacho
  • Christian Adams
  • Jonathan Villar
  • JC Escala
  • Adelin Rodriguez


  • Jose Martinez
  • Norberto Obeso
  • Fabricio Macias
  • Anthony Garcia
  • Yadier Drake


  • Henderson Alvarez
  • Felix Dubrant
  • jack thompson
  • Francisco Haro
  • jesus cross
  • Enrique Burgos
  • williams ramirez
  • Jonah Negrin
  • Alessandro Tovalin
  • Michael Aguilar
  • Manuel Chavez
  • Dalton Rodriguez
  • Saul Vazquez
  • Yamil Castillo
  • Jose Torres
  • Ellen Leyva
  • Gabriel Inoa
  • Elgin Alcala
  • Nate Anton
  • Brandon Brennan


  • Roberto Vizcarra | Manager
  • Juan Francisco Rodriguez | Juan Francisco Rodriguez Bench Coach
  • Octavio Alvarez | Pitching Coach
  • Sergio Contreras | Hitting Coach
  • Romulo Martinez | Hitting Coach
  • Gerardo Sanchez | Level 1 Coach
  • Jose Angel Chavez | Third Year Coach
  • Salvador Garibay | Bullpen Coach
  • Rogelio Del Campo | Receivers Coach
  • Luis Martin No | Medical Trainer
  • Ramses Pedraza | Trainer
  • Jonatan Romero | Trainer
  • Ethier Galindez | Trainer
  • jesus zazueta batboy
  • Donzel Carbonell | Batboy
  • Claudio Delgado | Clopi
  • Jorge Aranda | Batboy Assistant
  • Jose Nunez | Psychological Coach
  • Juan Rodriguez | Juan Rodriguez Statistics and Videos
  • Ivan Garcia | Bullpen Catcher

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