Yuri Was Abused as a Child

Singer Yuri

The singer recalled the unpleasant episode and says that her father was the one who defended her.

Yuri revealed that when she was just a child, a man sexually harassed her, but her father defended her and beat him, in addition to calling the police.

The singer, through an interview with the program ‘Ventaneando’, said that her parents had always advised her never to let any stranger touch her and that one day while she was in her father’s office, a man touched her in her private parts: “He was a mature man, I was 7 years old, he offered me a sweet and told me that I was very pretty, he touched my chest and I stood back. Then he touched my parts but I stood back and ran to tell my dad. He came out furious, he was diabetic, he almost died because his sugar rose, he beat him, smashed his face and they took him to jail ”.

Yuri said that her parents always advised her that no one had the right to touch her body: “They always told me: ‘You are worth my love, with or without a man you are worth, so love yourself, take care of yourself, do not allow anyone to abuse you because that A man who abuses and hits you, yells at you and treats you like an animal is not for you, you are a princess. ‘


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