Zabaleta and Ezcudia reach Astana Gucia final due to force majeure

Zabaleta and Ezcudia reach Astana Gucia final due to force majeureJose Marie Martinez Boub

this one Astor Nagucia It’s a fair game for defenders.if yesterday was thursday Jon Maritz Curena The man who has monopolized all the spotlights with great power, this Friday is already Jose Javier Zabaleta He led the second semi-final of the Championship in Bilbao.The man from Etxalen paved the way for the duo with him to reach the final with his punches Joseba Ezcudiainstead of Aitto Ellodi Suffer from gastroenteritis.navarran people Joakim Altoona and Benat Rezustathey dance to the rhythm set by their opponents almost at all times.

if Maritz Curena beside Pena IIin his pulse Urrutico Echia-Imazwhich was an explosive artillery display, today Sabaleta The result is different. He was more of a product of wear and tear, though he didn’t lack for those brilliant passes that wowed the stands.He was also favored for his weak response Rezusta. The Vergara man looked uncomfortable from the start, barely enjoying his left-footed shot. Plus, he conceded six goals.

Therefore, submitting to Altoona It’s complicated. While the Amezqueta magician can always expect the impossible, this time there is no rabbit in his top hat. The attackingly aggressive Gypsko tried that, but his eight goals were cut short by six mistakes he made in his haste to catch a fleeing train. instead, Ezcudia alreadyLess rowdy.and Altoona lurking, would rather let Sabaleta Explore deep into the open waterways of the blue stern. It wasn’t until the last third of the race, when he was over the track, that he dared to scrimmage with Amezq Tara ahead.

his first hook Altoona It seemed to herald a fight, but the man who immediately led to the draw opened the first gap, his opponent had six goals in a row, and two consecutive serves were poorly subtracted by Rezusta, Bergarala’s Another poor goal and two from Vergarala. Ezcudia That Altoona He doesn’t know how to return (6-1). Since then, the closest the Gipscos have come is four goals, like 8-4. Between the Blues’ blunder and Colorado’s success, the gap widened again (11-4). Altuna’s debut was warmly received by the Bizkaia team, with double the attendance of the previous day. But each of Amezq Tara’s brilliant goals was denied by errors.any glimmer of hope Altoona and Rezusta It fades after 10-14. Ezkurdia and Zabaleta went on a 7-1 run to kick off the victory (21-11). A couple of gifts from the Navarrans and a nice shot from Jokin pushed 14 points to the blue box.I write 22 in red Rezusta By sending a compromising ball.

Therefore, Sunday’s final peephole Spark a dynamic bomber battle Sabaleta and Maritz Curenaand Ezcudia and sadtheir respective forwards, are waiting to be able to enter the pitch.

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