Zabou Breitman: struck by a tragedy at Christmas …


Actress and director Zabou Breitman lived through a very complicated period …

At 61, the one who was simply called Zabou for a long time was unfortunately struck by precariousness. As she recently confided on Europe 1, when she was little, she experienced difficult New Years’… “I come from a family of artists, she explained. My father had written the series Thierry la Fronde, and my mom was playing her fiancée. Everything was smiling at them, and then, at one point, things didn’t go very well… They started eating rabid cow, as they say. all under. “

She continues: “To make it something, my dad, who was very inventive, made some really nice rolls of unfolding paper. And she wrote ‘good for a dress’, etc., remembered. Zabou with emotion. I understood that day […] that it was a big mess, that there was nothing left. Nothing at all… “ Despite the difficult times, the family remains united. Her father, Jean-Claude Deret, died in 2016, and her mother, Celine Leger a month later. Zabou Breitman will keep in mind the beautiful values ​​that her parents passed on to him.


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