Zack Snyder shares concept art for Rebel Moon, his own take on Star Wars

After making it clear that his (original) version of Justice League was the best, Zack Snyder walked away from DECU to pay more attention to his association with Netflix. As a result of this alliance, two of the most viewed films of 2021 emerged, El Army of the Dead and its prequel, The Army of Thieves. As more material is enlisted to expand this universe of robberies and zombies, Zack is firmly working on his new film, Rebel moon, which he has defined as his own version of Star wars Y Seven samurai by Akira Kurosawa when we have the information.

The story of Rebel Moon leads us to a peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy. This place is under threat from the armies of Regent Balisarius. In search of a solution, the colony sends a young woman with a mysterious past to recruit warriors on neighboring planets to help them fight the ruling tyrant and his armies.


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