Zack Snyder’s Justice League Named One of the Top Ten Movies of the Year

Who fought hard for the premiere of Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82% will now enjoy much more from a recent article by Variety which names the film as one of the best of the year. For a long time, many people believed that the famous Snyder cut it would never take shape and that Warner Bros. would not bother to authorize the project. Boy were they wrong. In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details about the new achievement of The Justice League in charge of Zack.

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Everyone knows that Zack snyder he didn’t get a chance to finish his version of League of Justice several years ago due to the unexpected suicide of his daughter, a tragedy that forced him to leave his post and rejoin his family to mourn. The job was left to Joss Whedon, who gave the world a Justice League – 41% bitter that quickly earned the disdain of fans. Those were tough times for fans of the DC Extended Universe. Luckily, fans’ longings for Snyder They were not long in coming and on March 18 we witnessed an unprecedented event in superhero cinema.

Talk about Zack Snyder’s Justice League is to refer to one of the most outstanding films in superhero cinema, we can have no doubt about that. The magnificence of the story of Snyder He surprised everyone, showing that the director does not intend to give up his style and that he is still very capable of offering us endearing journeys with the DC characters. Things couldn’t have turned out better with the movie that gave a second chance to Zack to show the world his mastery over this genre, something his most loyal fans will never forget.

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Now, according to Owen Gleiberman, one of the most recognized critics of Variety, Zack Snyder’s Justice League ranks No. 8 in their Top 10 of the Year, trailing King Richard: A Winning Family – 88%, Zola – 90%, Cruella – 93%, Drive my car (Doraibu mai kâ) – 100%, The Beatles: Get Back – 95%, The Gucci House – 73% and Spencer – 90%. The compendium says a lot about the work of Snyder, since we do not find any Marvel Studios film, for example, the highest grossing and influential of social networks.

Audiences want more of the Snyder-Verse but at this point it’s virtually impossible for Warner Bros. to say yes to more collaborations with the director. But do not be discouraged, DC fans, let us remember that many films in the saga are on the way, including Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Flash, so an important journey with the characters still awaits us. Although the competition with Marvel Studios has been a bit sidelined, Warner does not intend to back down with its superheroes. The future is full of DC and its greatest reps. Things could turn out a lot better for the franchise in the years to come.

At the moment, the director is working on Rebel moon, a movie inspired by Star wars and Akira Kurosawa’s cinema, in addition, has already been confirmed Army of the Dead 2, so we will have more zombies in the future. The entertainment industry still has a long way to go Snyder to see and who knows, maybe one day he wants to go back to superheroes with something great. Netflix has become a very special place for the filmmaker and we will see what other projects he surprises us with later.

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